Get Strapped In For Some Cold Brew!

Mar 1, 2018 | Producer Profile, Product Profile


Get Strapped In For Some Cold Brew! This week learn all about Bootstrap Coffee and the genesis of a refreshing and energizing drink that is tailor-made for hot sunny days.


Cold Brew Coffee has only begun to take off in the last 10 years, but if you trace it all the way back to its inception, you’ll find a band of creative Dutch sailors trying to preserve concentrated coffee for a long voyage across the sea. That’s right, the first documented use of cold brew was actually back in the 17th century.


Historians believe that the Dutch brought their cold brew coffee to Japan, where it was quickly adopted and given a twist. It was here in Japan that the Kyoto-Drip method was born. Using small tower-like contraptions made of glass, the Japanese let water drip through coffee grounds over the course of several hours. This method of brewing coffee proved successful and was so well-liked by the masses that today it has gained a global fan base, and is more commonly known as simply the slow-drip method.



get strapped in for some cold brew


Despite the early innovations of the Japanese, the first drink resembling a modern day cold brew coffee didn’t come into the picture until later, in the early 1900s. This time, it was the French leading the way. Mixing sweetened coffee concentrate with cold water, the French created a drink called Mazagran, which quickly spread across Europe. A few decades later the Japanese returned to the scene with another push forward, offering a cold coffee beverage sweetened up by a sizeable dose of milk and sugar.


Although it’s been around in some form or another for over four hundred years, cold brew coffee has only recently begun to seriously take off. Perhaps the biggest statement came in 2015, when international coffee behemoth Starbucks picked up on the trend and started offering cold brew in its stores. Today, cold brew coffee is being served all over the world, and that leads us back to Bali, where Bootstrap leads the way as the largest producer of cold brew coffee on the island.


Bootstrap, a local business in Canggu sourcing 100% Arabica coffee beans from family-run farms in the region, has been serving coffee fanatics since 2015. As the largest producer of Cold Brew on Bali, Bootstrap really has turned cold brew coffee into an art of their own. Our personal favorite is the White Coffee, a traditional Cold Brew with a coconut twist. Be careful about only buying one! You very well may be left wanting for more.


Get Strapped In For Some Cold Brew!



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