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Coconut oil is a blessing in a nut – it can be used for cooking, or even in place of butter on your toast. But if you’re only using it in your kitchen, you are missing out. It’s an all-purpose beauty solution, a total lifesaver at home and even a must-have for pets. It is also an important source of income for poor people throughout the Pacific, including Bali. Read on to learn absolutely everything you ever wanted to know about the tropical essential.

What is coconut oil and is it good for you?

Refined coconut oil is made of copra and coconut meat that has been scraped out of ripe coconuts and dried. The refining process strips away some nutrients and makes the coconut flavor much less pronounced. Virgin Coconut Oil is from fresh coconuts, the coconut flavor is much more pronounced and the oil has a lower smoke point, so it’s more appropriate for no-cook or no bake recipes, or light sautéing in dishes where its coconut flavor will enhance the recipe. It is also great in beauty products.

Coconut oil was once given a bad rap because of its high percentage of saturated fats. Now that scientists better understand the role of fats in a balanced diet and the unique properties of the fats found in coconut oil, it’s on the upswing again. Not all types of saturated fats behave the same way when you eat them, and those in coconut oil, fall into a special class that are metabolized quickly.

What else can coconut oil do?

  • Body moisturizer. With its high fat content and nutty aroma, coconut oil makes a great face and body moisturizer.
  • Shaving cream. Replace synthetic shaving products with coconut for a razor gliding shave.
  • Hair mask. Coconut oil, as millions of glossy haired women in Asia already know, makes a super moisturizing hair mask.
  • Bath, shower and massage. A few drops in the bath, plain or combined with essential oils for moisturizing, or with sea salt and oatmeal for scrubbing, lemon and baking soda for oily skin, coconut oil is the essential alchemist.
  • Make-up remover. Gentle on the skin and eyes.
  • Zinc remover. Surfers, coconut oil is great to remove stubborn zinc without rubbing your skin raw.
  • Teeth cleaning. Recent scientific studies support the claim that oil pulling, the ancient tradition of swilling coconut oil through the teeth, does indeed reduce plaque, promote healthy gums, whiten teeth and boost the immune system.

Who are coconut oil producers and processors?

Coconut production and processing is a source of income for millions of low-income households, particularly those that no longer have access to agricultural land. Bali Direct buys directly from primary producers and processors that are small-scale, artisanal and provide returns to local communities (links to Bali Pure Home Industry, BTF, Bali Coconuts).

Coconut Products in Bali Direct

We are proud to stock high quality virgin coconut oil, delicious dessicated coconut and coconut sugar in various flavors. We also have a range of high quality body products based on coconut oil.


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