Think Global, Eat Local

Apr 2, 2018 | Farm Tour, Health Tip, Life Hacks


Supporting local producers on Bali is at the core of our business, but are you aware of all the benefits you gain (and share!) by eating local? Think Global, Eat Local, and the entire world will be better for it.


Take a moment to ponder these 7 benefits of eating locally produced food instead of the imported stuff.


Eating local is eating seasonally, which means your food will be ripe and full of flavor when you eat it!


Eating local is eating healthy. Food imported from far-away countries has been away from the farm for weeks traveling by ship, plane, and truck before finally reaching your kitchen. All that idle time means nutrients are lost!


Eating local means supporting your neighbors. Eating carrots grown in Bedugul, granola produced in Karangasem, and rice cultivated in Tabanan means you’re supporting the local Balinese economy instead of multinational corporations from abroad.


Eating local benefits the environment. When you drink coffee from beans grown on the slopes of Mount Batur, your impact on the environment is minimal. For comparison, imagine the greenhouse gases that are emitted by importing coffee from Brazil, or Guatemala, or Ethiopia? Think Global, Eat Local!


Eating local preserves genetic diversity. Large-scale producers narrow their crops’ genetic diversity to focus on items that can withstand harvesting, packing, transport, and a long shelf life. In contrast, local producers can produce a wide variety of seasonal crops delivered from the farm to your table within hours.


Local food tastes and looks better! Local producers optimize for taste. Exporters optimize for durability and shelf life. Which one do you think tastes better?


Eating local preserves open space in your community. When local producers get paid fairly for their work, they’re less likely to sell their land for development. That means that by buying locally produced food you’re proactively preserving the landscape of Bali.




Eating local benefits you, it benefits producers, and it benefits the community. That’s why we do what we do! This week, we’re offering discounts on some of our favorite local products produced right here in Bali- Organic Avocados, Mangosteen, Cosmic Coffee, and more are 10% off now!


Inspired by the movement to eat local? Join us for the next Bali Direct Farm Tour on 14 April and enjoy the wonderful experience of visiting the local farmers who produce your organic fruits and veggies. Sign up by emailing


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